February hasn't been good to me, I was sick for half of February and my BF was hospitalized on the last week of Feb. So I'm still contemplating if I would post a month end entry like the other bloggers. My post might turn into a rant post...

I'll keep this on a more postive.. yet slightly ranty post.

Recently, I updated my craft blog's layout and added new gadgets. I added a Cbox or a Chat box function. I tried to play with the code and the color scheme and I found that you can change the default emoticons. I was thrilled and I started searching for emoticons that I can use.

Unfortunately, most emoticons are free BUT you can only use them for personal use. Only on a blog and not for commercial sites. I didn't want to be unfair to the artists so I didn't download their art.

I just created my own! wahahaha! I just need to convert them to .gif files. Paint modifies my .bmp files when I save them as .gif files. T_T I only have MsPaint here in the office. Anyway here are my emotes.


By the way... they're cupcakes. HAHAHA!!

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