Warning: This Organism is Extremely Giddy...

Thank you Nelli for the "pampalubag loob"
Coffee, art materials, Peppero and Jo Jung Suk = a very giddy blogger. 

Today is such a spaz fest! I have been craving for McDonald's Iced coffee for at least 2 weeks now. I'm still on my coffee ban but today I finally gave in. Coffee~!

While drinking my coffee and watching Jo Jung Suk's new drama, the art materials I ordered online arrived! Apparently, I'd drop everything (even my current rom-com crush) for my art materials~!

I finally got the rubber stamps I wanted! >_< I can't wait for Christmas~! I've been looking for rubber stamps since last year but most of the stamps I saw were WAY too expensive. I got my alphabet stamps for 450 Pesos from Patrick Lovebird. Though I was looking for the chibi character stamps for my journal (yes, aside from my blog I do keep a journal), the alphabet stamps are more practical, right?

I really can't wait for Christmas!
I love the wooden box!
It even has a lock~! 
I also bought journal stickers... I am currently obsessed with the artwork on the Pony Brown journals. Ever since one of my art inspirations deleted all her art works from her web page, I have been looking for artworks similar to her style. Rather than my random doodles, I wanted to have a drawing style similar to the artworks on Korean stationary.

By the way, what do you call this style of doodling?

I wonder if I can copy the style and then make my own character. Most of the time the simpler art works are more difficult to copy. Have you ever tried drawing Hello Kitty or any Sanrio character when you were young? =__=

By the way, check out the online shop, Patrick Lovebird, if you're looking for stationery and some accessories. I ordered my art materials this weekend (Saturday) and I got it today (Tuesday). The rubber stamp I bought is like 550 pesos cheaper than the other shops I saw online several months ago. ^__^

Anyway, I'm ending this post with some eye candy... for myself! >: )

"Trying hard" not to show how giddy he is...
A giddy Jo Jung Suk = Giddy blogger~! >_< Oh he sang in the latest episode... I really love his voice.

UPDATE: My dad posted this on Facebook.. another spaz worthy picture!!!!

My 99 year old Grandmother and my 4 month old niece.

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