Haller Baler - Surf

This sedentary being went surfing once again~! My colleagues and I went on a surfing adventure in Aurora, Baler. We stayed at the Bay's Inn, the same resort my close friends and I stayed in last 2009, and I actually got the same room I had before. Either our contact remembered and put us there or it was just a coincidence, either way.. it was... interesting.

I'll be posting the pictures in parts instead of one, laziness got the best of me. This tired catatonic organism is in dire need of some rest (and a little inspiration motivation).

Also, I did not take these pictures. My bag was getting too heavy for me and I decided to leave my camera at home. All photo credits go to my friend Hei. >: ) Hei, thank you for letting me post your pictures on my blog~!

I finally have a picture of me standing!

She was the first one to stand~!

Casualty #1!
Casualty #2

Well, he survived the surf board attacks~

"Ngiting wagi" - shot
I really like that we were all smiling in our surf pictures, despite the casualties.. And speaking of casualties, =_= I actually got hit by a surf board at my nape (It didn't stop me from surfing gwahaha~).

Dad was worried about it and took a look at it as soon as I got home. It was really nothing to worry about and eventually my dad was talking about my bruise/hematoma like it was a battle scar =_= (I overheard my dad bragging at the dining table.)


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