Curiosity Satisfied - Resin Workshop Day 1

I was finally able to try out making resin jewelry!! Early last year, I mentioned in a post that I was interested in trying resin as a new craft medium. I can't believe that it took me a year to finally try it out. Well, finding art supplies in the Philippines is so difficult.

I enrolled in a 2 day resin jewelry making workshop offered by Craft MNL. I wanted to enroll since March but I had to cancel my registration because of work. Thankfully, Craft MNL opened another session. Nikki, the instructor told me I was the first on to sign up for the class.. wahahaha~!

Here are the resin charms I made during day 1.

We cut out patterns from a magazine.

Waiting for the Acrylic Emulsion to dry

Craft MNL provided all the materials needed for the workshop and I got to take home the whole box. ^__^ As soon as I buy my own Acrylic Emulsion and some molds from Deovir... I shall start mass producing these charms! Maybe I should try using my own artworks... hmmm...

After 1 year of searching!
I love the China Print looking charm and the periodic table inspired charm

Here are my creations~!

The mushroom charm and my 'upcycled' domino charm

I must get these molds!

Obviously, I enjoyed Day 1. I also love my classmates, we were on the same wavelength about hoarding, crafting, buying supplies and other stuff. I felt at home. ^__^

For those interested in learning a new craft you can visit the following links:
Website: http://craftmnl.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CraftMNL

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