[Random] Hello World;

Today, I was supposed to post about a recent trip I made with a few colleagues early this month but I found myself too tired (khhh~) must (khhh~) postpone (khhh~)... =__=

I'm exhausted

Anyway, I felt like I've been neglecting my blog lately but I have a lot of things to post including the trip, a few artworks and a mall rage moment. Must.. force... brain... to think... =_=

I don't know how developers do it... My brain is starting to turn into mush because of my task at work. @_@ I remember N posting this on plurk:

There are people who like testing. I sure am not one of them. K, Ekai, how do you do it?

Right back at you... =_=

Again, just wanted to say "I'm temporarily brain-dead but still alive~"

/Insert more brain static here:

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