Photo practice at Watami

Once again, Madz of pigoutsessions.com, and myself went out to eat. We were supposed to eat at a different place so she can review one of our favorite Japanese restaurants (and for me to practice taking pictures) but the line was too long and we both were lacking sleep and I was getting grumpy... Although were were already third in line, we still decided to give our spot away to a colleague and went to off to look for a different place to eat at. We ended up at Watami (@SM Mall of Asia)~!

I did say I was planning to practice my photography but I got lazy and left SLR in the car. =_= If I knew that we'd change locations, I would've brought it with me! I was only able to take pictures using my phone camera... T_T No photography practice this week... BUT! I was still able to play around with Photoshop for a bit...

Salmon and Flying Fish Roe Stone Pot

O_o I have two food related blog posts this week... Oh no.. there goes my diet!


  1. Need to fix white balance

  2. Bakit "Star" nilagay mong name sa Disqus? Anyway, teach me what white balance setting I should use sa Monday or Tuesday para nasa office ako? har har har.