My First Etsy Purchase

Oooooh~ Look what I got in the mail today~!

I love looking through various shops at Etsy but I never tried buying anything until I got the urge to look for molds for my next Christmas project hahaha! A little too early, huh?

Last Christmas, I ran out of Christmas gifts for my friends and I was too busy to make another batch of handmade gifts. I felt bad about it so here I am looking for ways where I can slightly mass produce some of the charms I make.

I wasn't able to find local online sellers who sold the molds I wanted so I decided to look through Etsy. Unfortunately, most of the sellers had over priced products and had really expensive shipping rates. =_= It was really frustrating since most of the molds I saw were so pretty!

Anyway, I ended up buying from Nabby, she has a great assortment of molds to choose from at a reasonable price! Most of her molds are at 1/12 scale, miniaturists would love her items. :)

Nabby gift wrapped her items too!

I bought 2 molds, 1 raspberry mold and 1 pudding tart base :)

I'm already spazzing while looking at these!
I really can't wait until my next clay project! I'll probably replicate these using oyumaru so I can make more in one go.

Ending this post with a picture of my scruffy companion while trying to apply the things I learned last March 9... Thank you J.

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