Roots and a new sketchbook

I was never really artistic when I was young. It was only until I watched the Tagalog version of Sailormoon that I started having an interest in drawing (and anime). Sailormoon makes me really nostalgic~ =_=

When I was in high school, I consumed those huge Canson Sketch Pads like crazy (filled with sailormoon drawings) and I would buy the biggest sketch pad I can get. As soon as I reached college I didn't really stop drawing but started drawing other characters, still anime though ^_^

Anyway, I really wanted a moleskin notebook with no lines on it but I almost fainted when I saw the price... Luckily, I came across a really cheap alternative (49 PHP)! It's prettier that the moleskins I wanted and it's recycled too!!! My officemates ended up buying as well~ HAHAHA!

I love love love the design~!

Yay for shiny stuff!

The notebook is just a little bigger than my hand, so it's really convenient to bring along anywhere. ^_^

I'm really inspired by Joojoo's art ^_^ I really recommend looking at her posts of her sketchbook. I wish I can do the same for my super duper pretty sketch book


  1. We really shouldn't shop together frequently. Haha! I love my sketchbook and Joojoo's site as well!~

  2. Ohhh~ Gaya gaya! Haha, ganyan din nabili ko for sketching and other stuff XD at nagsimula lang din ako mahilig sa pagddrowing nun nakapanood ng sailormoon!
    Ang ganda rin naman kasi, tapos recycled pa :D

  3. @Madz =_= Us shopping together = goodbye salary HAHAHA

    @Abygail Hahaha! We're not alone ahahahaha! *sings* Sana bawat saglit laging kapiling ka~