Artsy Fartsy: Cheap Paper clay~

I admit that I'm getting lazy doing my polymer clay miniatures. I'm too lazy to bake them! Which is why I'm considering an alternative to my miniature hobby~ Air Dry Clay! I wanted to practice first and check how I should work with ADC, so I went to our local bookstore and bought the 85 PHP ($2 approx.) ADC.

I got the idea to buy paper clay when I read about the types of ADC and paper clay was one kind of ADC!

Smart Puppy~

The packaging says that you can add color so I bought white

This is what it looked like~

Finished product~

I didn't go hardcore on making these since it was just an experiment. It's a lot different working with polymer clay. Much harder... I'm not sure if it's the same for other brands of paper clay but I had to work as fast as I can because the paper clay dries REALLY fast and gets crumbly.

Another thing I hated with this (and I'm still not sure if this applies to other brands), it's absolutely MESSY to the nth level!!! I mixed in a little acrylic paint and kneaded it.. most of the paint stuck to my hands! I had to remove my pretty nail art because of it!

I think I still need to get used to using paper clay before investing on better ADC.

>_< just a little bonus! I was bored and I saw my tablet so I'm thinking of adding a signature for my posts... still not final though.. my layout has borders for each image... gotta get rid of it =_=


  1. looks like you had a fun and product time with these clay! and love your signature :)

  2. @Pop Champagne ^_^ I did and Thank you so much