I seem to be lucky this month I've been getting some special treatment from July ^_^ A lot of things... even the little things have been making me feel happier, encouraged, accepted and hopeful. ^_^

Just wanted to share something that made my day this friday:

I ordered a tall coffee jelly drink from Starbucks before going home. I asked the barista if there was a drink that was "slightly" caffeinated, and he said we could make up a "half decaf" drink just for me. HAHAHA! I noticed the barista who was making the drinks prepared the drinks of a regular customer, who came after me, before my order.. When he finally gave me my drink I was surprised~

Look at my "half-decaf" tall coffee jelly with no whipped cream OVER FLOWING with happiness~!

The barista told me that he didn't want to waste the coffee so he tried to fill the cup as much as he can :) Things like this make me happy~!

>_< and this wasn't the first time this happened to me! First it was "bubbatealiscious" now it's Starbucks! It's definitely a great month.

The guys from bubbatealiscious are super kind enough to let me drink from my milk tea before they put the lid on my cup so that they can put the left over milk tea from their shakers~!


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