Lemming for Aerosoles

I regret the day when I didn't pay attention to my Aerosoles in New York... I should've bought a pair because it was cheaper there than here in the Philippines..

I'm totally drooling over how comfy Aerosoles are ^_^ When my officemate and I tried the shoes in the Aerosoles store in MOA, we fell in love! Although I have to say that I don't really like the designs but the comfort compensates for it.

The first pair I bought was this design in black:
source:  Aerosoles.com

I wanted a more corporate design but I was having a difficult time choosing so I chose a design that I would use more often than a corporate looking shoe~

Here were my choices =_=


Sprig Valley

I still want sprig valley... and one more heeled shoe... erm... ehehehe... I might as well buy both!!! But the South Role one didn't really look nice on my feet and the Sprig Valley was a little tight on my toes...

I kinda like the Plushed Velvet Design: 
Plushed Velvet
Yettuce Wrap
The ONLY 2 things I don't like about this brand are"
1. It's not for sweaty feet
2. Not for the rainy season~


  1. Hi there! :) Googled TFS Phytogenic Foundation and ended up here. I have the Plushed Velvet pair in that color, they're super comfortable despite the added height. I go shopping in them and they're great :) I agree with your two points pero sinusuot ko pa rin kahit umuulan haha :)

  2. @Kari Thanks for dropping by ^_^ I should probably get one of Aerosoles' closed toe shoes so I can walk in the rain as well hahaha! Does the suede cushion part get squishy in the rain?

  3. Well the nice thing is that since it's a wedge, it's off the ground by an inch or so kaya hindi gaanong nababasa. Which is why I still wear them despite the rain (or because of it, hehe). I find that it tends to feel kind of "damp", yung may feeling na may na-absorb na moisture yung suede, esp. sa may toe area. Pero it's not that uncomfortable for me. :)