Project: SAI

I recently acquired a copy of "SAI Paint tool"  because I was super jealous one of my classmates in college who used to admire my artworks can now do something that I can't or something that I wanted to... =_=

~_~ to be motivated by something like that... selfish me... huhu

Anyway, just for the sake of sharing... even though I'm not as skilled as my school mate or anyone in the artsy fartsy industry... =_= here's my test art using a 6 year old Wacom Graphire tablet and SAI.

I was playing around with the Tablet pressure settings and started sketching ^_^
I got super frustrated after sketching.. I had a hard time Inking my sketch so I looked for some tutorials and practiced on a smaller sketch =_= There aren't many tutorials for SAI inking... most are just showing off and some don't even mention what tool they use... The tutorials are more like "How to Draw manga" or "Introduction to SAI tools" or "See how I draw" grrrr frustrating!

When I was already comfortable using my tablet and inking I went back to my first sketch and did the inking... obviously the inking for the face, eyes and the hair doesn't match =_= I really need more practice

Here's the first sketch with hair and color. 
Another frustrating part of the drawing is the hair!!! I hate her hair!!!!! The reason I changed her hair from pigtails to a bob was because it was difficult to paint *sobs* I wanted her to have dark blue hair but it was really difficult to make it presentable.

I love making the eyes though, I still need to pick up a certain technique or a signature eye look.

I played around with the hue and saturation of the eyes~ I love it when it's red!!! but her damn hair doesn't match!

 =_= Gotta clean up some parts.. I really need more practice... when I finish I want to make some cute chibi characters!

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