Project: SAI - Progress... and some kikay stuff

After writing my frustrations post, I was inspired by my super idol Dahlia to try making something in SAI again. I tried making something like Dahlia's art, at least to pick up some technique.

I still can't control my tablet well, either I need practice or I need to replace my 6 year old Wacom tablet =_= har har har.

Here's me trying to practice on my graphics tablet:

Need more control =_=
I decided to go on a clay hiatus for now and will practice more on my tablet.

Anyway, I noticed the art that I loved from Dahlia's website were mostly black and white and I thought that if I stuck to something simple I can probably make something decent. :)

So I tried~

I used Dahlia's art, False Eye lashes and Majolica Majorca's Lash Expander Frame Plus as a reference for this. (GWAHAHAHA).

While I was trying to add the lashes, I kept on thinking "Ohhh... I wish I had these lashes" "Oooohhh and lower lashes too..." hahahaha Oh well! Regarding Majolica Majorca's Lash Expander Frame Plus (Grrr what a mouthful), although every one is raving about it, I have mixed feelings about it... I does make my lashes SUPER long, and thick but sometimes I feel like my lashes look spidery... I probably need more practice doing the wiggle wand application =_=

ARGH!!!! Why is putting make up so complicated!??!

@_@ I felt I did a good job making the eyes... though I need more practice drawing the "Water line," the eye lid crease and her eyebrows.

For the imaginary guys who read my blog (lol): What is a water line? See photo below.. she's putting eyeliner on her waterline

yes, she's putting something on the inner part of her eyes XD
(Photo Credit: cosmetic-candy.com (Looks like a great tutorial!):

Anyway, I continued drawing and attempted to create a whole face XD

I still need to work on her hair and some weird spots on her nose and lips~ >_< I also kinda cheated with her eyes... I duplicated the layers and rotated her eyes XD

I promise once, I get the hang of using a tablet... I will try to make a drawing without cheating~! 

I looks like I made some progress, right? After making this, I think I know some of my weaknesses.

1. I suck at shading
2. Color matching.
3. controlling my pen
4. I don't know how to draw a nose

I'll probably stick to drawing black and white stuff at the moment... at least until I get the hang of using a tablet

and oh.. I came across this website while looking for a perfect example of a water line (7 tricks for applying eyeliner)

I just had an idea!!! I should read eyeshadow and eyeliner tutorials for my SAI practice!

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