Kirino Kousaka Acquired!

I was finally able to get my hands on her, thank you tiniks!!!

*She's here!!!!*

Weeee~! I tried not to open the box at work... but I couldn't help it!

Look at all those parts~ <3

 I tried to put her on display at my workstation but I was scared someone would take her

I call this her "Kilig" face (giddy)

Need to let everyone know I got her!


Done texting! She's not an exact copy of how she looks in the anime.. see below:

But look! Kyaaa~!

Edit.. Additional info:
Nendoroid Kirino Kousaka is from the anime series Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai.

She is the younger of two siblings of the Kousaka family, and is the overachiever of the two. However, she keeps a secret to her family - that she is an avid otaku and a fan of adult-rated games, especially those involving brother-sister dynamics.

Here are some random pix I wanted to share:

Beef Cube Bento from Choto Stop (Little Tokyo)

The weird polluted sky..


  1. Not a fan of anime but that's so cute! :P I love the mad and kilig faces. :P

    I see a rainbow on that polluted sky. The world is beautiful. :)

  2. The Kilig Face and the Bugnot face made my day yesterday :)