It's summer and I fear the day I have to wear a swimsuit... I can't say I hate myself at the moment... I just hate a whole lot of stuff about myself right now... what I can say for sure is that I hate the feeling of being insecure. So, I really have to do something about it before I self-destruct again... I'll take a geeky approach in solving my insecurities with a for 4 step process to solving problems.

*GEEK!* <-- I know.  >_< But what ever helps, right?

I. UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEM - Here I will list all the things I am insecure about myself... I should probably add why I'm insecure about it. In order of stressfulnes!

- Milia - I can't wear foundation because of this!!!!
- Body size - I think I over-did my new year's resolution to become healthy
Lack of Girly Clothes - I think I ran out of pretty clothes... I wanna look pretty for my BF
Money - Need I say more?
- Freckles - I think everyone wants super clear skin...
Skin color - As much as I want super fair skin... I also like being morena.. so I'm settling for having any as long as I have an even skin tone. (MorenaA spanish word used to describe Latinas who are tanned/dark).
- Dry Skin - My dry skin is making me look old and stressed

II. DEVISING A PLAN - My strategy is to prioritize all my insecurities on how easy it is to deal with or if I really have to take action...
- Body size - This will take a lot of effort but I know I can do this by removing all my binge sessions (probably a little exercise but I can promise it)
 - Money - This actually contradicts my effort to remove all insecurities I have... BUT the obvious solution to this is budgeting... this can come hand in hand with my effort to improve my body size...
- Skin Color - I'm planning to buy Gluthatione pills today.. all I have to do is overcome my laziness and be religious about taking the pills
- Freckles - I've already been trying to remove them.. I think I just need to be more religious about it.
- Dry skin - I really don't know what to do about this, but most people around me says I just have to drink more water and of course put on some lotion. This could be easier than the next insecurities I have since I think I grew fond of using lotions... I'm just lazy.
- Lack of Girly Clothes - MONEY is the answer.. and a little style advice from people.. this is super difficult because I am trying to save up.
- Milia - Because I don't have money and I need to go to a dermatologist to rid me of my milia.. I'm having a difficult time with this... I tried almost everything I can to get rid of my milia... Dermatologists can cost a fortune... /sob

Should not be lazy!!! (Enough said)  *sob*

Should I post before and after pix for each and every.... O_O!!!  Probably not for the money problems =_=


  1. Hey there, its been such a long time. Remember me? We used to talk about how to Deal with mila. Well, doesn't aspirin mask work for u? It did work for me. The thing is that are you very sure those are mila? Cos i think i was confused with mine that it was more like clogged-pore. Anyway, aspirin mask works for both mila and clogged-pore. I got ride of most spots, only now I'm dealing with scar. Don't be upset about this. Perfection lies within the person. :-D

  2. Of course I remember you and thank you so much for the encouragement. :) I went to a place where they do facials and they think what I have isn't milia. So, the recommended that I go to a derma before I do anything on my face...

  3. I can tell it isn't milia. So what the derm. suggest?

  4. I haven't gone to the dermatologist yet, need to save up a little bit more for one session with him