Personal Nendoroid Checklist

Since I had nothing better to do in the office, I created a personal nendoroid checklist in an excel workbook. It's easier for me to maintain. If I change my mind, I can easily change my checklist!

Here's the unfilled version (click to enlarge)

Here's the filled up one as of March 2011 (click to enlarge)

I only have 3 nendoroids and I want a whole lot...
Credits: List and Pictures came from http://www.nendoroid.fr/liste-fiches.html

Download here


  1. Thank you so much. Found your post while Googling. May I ask if I can have a better (higher resolution) version of it? My collection is getting big (aka expensive) and I like to update the list according. Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Sure thing, I'll upload the excel file when I get home ^_^

  3. ^_^ file uploaded and ready for download

  4. Thank you but I am so embarrassed to ask you on how to download it. Do I just to click save as on your first list. Is that right? That was what I did previously.

  5. No Problem! Click on the link and you'll be redirected to another page. Then click on the "Download Now" button.

  6. Kai: I don't see the link at all. I am getting blind. I am so sorry about this.

  7. Got it finally. Thank you Kai. Sorry for those stupid moments! :)