Christmas Gift Plans~

It's almost Christmas and since I promised my boyfriend that I won't spend too much on gifts, "we" decided to make the gifts instead... I still don't know how many people I'll be giving gifts to, but I think I'll have fun and making a lot will serve as "practice" for me ^_^

Here are some ideas I saw from great people~!

1. "Little Christmas Lamb" ornament

2 . Polymer Clay - Strawberry Necklace - DIY Craft Project Instructions


3. Aaron Vail's Blog!: Mario Mushroom Christmas Tree Ornaments

4. Stacy Sews | Diary of a Fabric Junkie

5. Christmas Cakes

 Other ideas:

1. xmas cupcakes with a poinsettia leaf... (slightly corny but easy to make)
2.Gift boxes...
3. Peppermint candies.. I could probably just make a cane for mass production!
4. Random cup cakes in xmas-y miniature gift boxes?

I need more ideas... As much as possible I'd like to avoid using white because I'm still messy~ hihihi

I'll probably make figurines or just hand made cellphone charms or... magnets?

I'm not sure if my guy friends would appreciate these though... :(

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