Goal of the week: DIY!!!

I think I'm having the worst Monday ever... I wasn't able to sleep because my brother's dog from hell was barking the whole night until around 1:30 am... and it started barking this morning at around 5 am - 6 am... So, I woke up as cranky as ever... As soon as I left my room I was greeted with "You have to commute to work today because the car broke down and your brother is using the other one," which made me even more moodier than when I woke up...

I "slightly" enjoyed the commute to work BUT as soon as I got off the bus.. it effin' rained!!!! As soon as I sat on my work area.. I got a migraine and I feeling a little feverish.

My mood is slightly improving... but not my migraine.. trying to distract myself by surfing the net... my friends are trying to cheer me up as well...

friend: PMS?
me: madaming factors (a lot of factors)
me: and PMS is just 10% sa nakaka bad trip sa akin (and PMS is 10% of what is making me moody)
me: migraine
friend: ok, thought of a bad joke, wont say it for fear of my life

I also found really helpful tutorials for my polymer clay hobby.. exactly what I was looking for~!

DIY cookie cutters:
1st tutorial: Easy Biscuit Cutters (For Playdough, Cold Porcelain Clay or Plasticine)
2nd Tutorial: Dog Biscuit (cookie) Cutter from soda can

I like the 2nd tutorial more~ Recycle!!! I'm excited about this~ I drink one can of coffee every morning so I'll have a LOT of materials to play with! I can probably make spoons and forks from the cans as well~! I'm so excited about it!

DIY cupcake liners:
1st tutorial: White chocolate mocha cupcakes (with homemade cupcake liners!) « One Ordinary Day
2nd tutorial: Judy in Her Natural Habitat: The Kitchen: Cute Cupcake Wrappers!
3rd tutorial: Homemade Cupcake Wrappers - LoveToKnow Cake Decorating

Doesn't look as perfect as the store bought cupcake liners.. but I can say that my creations are 100% hand made! hihi~

... I went to a doctor about my migraine... she said I have to get my an Xray for my spine... I'm scared.. :(

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