Food Trip: Noda Sho Japanese Restaurant

I tend to binge eat whenever I'm feeling under the weather. I've been craving for sushi around 3 weeks and my friend told me he would accompany me to the Japanese Grocery in a place called Little Tokyo in Pasong Tamo.. The Japanese Grocery was selling over priced stuff so we decided to explore and we came across this Japanese restaurant called Noda Sho. The place looked so authentic and I fell in love with it as soon as I stepped in.

I wasn't able to take pictures of the food though, I was too eager to eat.. I kinda forgot! hihihi~  I ordered the mixed sushi platter... I've never tasted anything better than the sushi they served!!! My favorite was the uni sushi~ love love love~


  1. Actually, when I visited this place, I forgot to take pictures of the surroundings because I was to eager to order! HAHAHA!


  2. Hahahaha! I wasn't able to try the other dishes from Noda Sho. I wish I did ^_^