[Personal] Good Morning!

Good Morning! I started my day late but several things made me happy today.

I don't have any pending artworks to share since I have been a little busy with personal things. Even if I go home early, I usually don't have time to do anything else and since my family successfully vanquished the evil stepmother out of our home, we started functioning like a normal family, going out every weekend and visiting each other every now and then. I even got conned into meeting some guy =_= No wonder everyone told me to dress up and wear make up =__= *sighs* family...

As for the things that made me happy today, I got another thank you message from my on-shore counterparts. I had to go to work this weekend and I was swamped with a lot of tasks. I just logged out without checking if had anything else to do so I was anxious this morning and when I logged in today, the first email I saw was a Thank you mail. :) Remember my post about being prejudiced towards certain people? I guess being a little open minded paid off. They have been saying 'Thank You' a lot recently and it really keeps me going. Although, I don't have my guard 100% down yet...

Also, I got a message from a close friend. Her first message reminded me of how much we accept each other! Hahahaha! She knows I accept her no matter what and I know she'll love me no matter what, just like a family! ^__^ I'm happy for you Tuna!

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