[Artwork] Overwhelmed and Defeated

So I finally had time to pick up my graphics tablet and continue a WIP. Unfortunately, I got stuck on drawing hair again and I tried to watch some speed paint/tutorial videos...

Then I got overwhelmed =__= This always happens whenever I get stuck on something and try to look for references.. I was so overwhelmed I took 2 hours just to draw a chibi one.. *sighs*

I can't explain this without sounding like I'm bragging... but please bear with me a bit... I usually learn fast and I subconsciously expect myself to get things at the first try not because I'm confident about my skills but because I'm used to learning things quickly.

Whenever I'm asked about my strengths and weaknesses in job interviews, I usually say that learning fast is both a strength and a weakness of mine because I get exploited impatient when I can't understand and I try to look for the easiest way rather than practice for days, months or years. =_=

I also keep on saying, "As long as you have the right tools (doesn't have to be the best), you can learn or do anything." On the other hand, I have contradicted myself on this blog many times when ever I post about make up, painting and drawing hair on my digital works *khhhhhhh* =_=


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