[Personal] Take Me With You!

Since I started working in the IT industry, I have always worked with "certain people". I always hated their work ethics and how they talk. Through the years I have accumulated quite a lot of resentment towards them and eventually generalized that they were all the same.

I just had to write a post about this because I would never have expected that a person from the "people I resented" so much could make me feel like I am doing great at work and that I should do more. Not because they are doing so bad and making me look great but because of all the encouragement I got. :)

In every quick meeting we had I was always bombarded with a whole lot of encouragement and positive comments. I wish every boss was like this! Even the rant moments were great and positive!

I've never had a boss who was sincerely grateful for the work I've done and was worried that I had too much work on my plate. It's really sad that my onshore manager was assigned to a different team.

Although I still am hesitant to work with them because of the 10 traumatic years I experienced, if given the chance, I would still like to work with her and hopefully I could get rid of my prejudice towards them as a group.

Ok fine... I seriously want to throw a tantrum and say, "Bring her back NOW... or at least take me with you!" >_<

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