Merging Styles

Here's another unfinished artwork for this month. I've been drawing a lot lately but I haven't finished an artwork T_T

Oh.. I messed up the left lashes =_=
Not my usual style, right? I was asking for advice from my friend who is a digital artist about how to draw a certain expression. He said  that I drew better than him and just game me a silly comment >_< I told him that we had different styles that we were good at and that he was better than me in coloring and anime style artworks. That's where I got really frustrated.

Unfortunately, I suck at line art and coloring so all my anime styled works are scrap. But this time I tried to merge the styles of my art references to make my own! I think it looks good.. better than my previous artwork, right?

I've got the eyes and nose down~ next is... Lips, face/profile, ears and hair, expressions, body,clothes, poses, background =_= Huhuhuhuhuhu...

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