My Korean language class is finally over! The classes ended last weekend... It was so much fun I actually bought another Korean language book immediately after our graduation. ^__^
일번호 문제...
김 선생님(our teacher) was great and the classes were never boring. I really enjoyed the class so much that I aced most of the quizzes! When I got an 8 out of 10 (5 questions/ 2pts each) in one quiz he was surprised that I made a mistake~ BWAHAHA! I'll take a little credit for my grades since I did put a lot of effort trying to memorize the vocabulary but most of the credit goes to our teacher since he knew what words to emphasize or which topics to focus on. :) I would absolutely recommend the school and our teacher to anyone who is interested in learning the Korean language.

I wish I had more time to process the lessons though. I'm still not fluent and I can't form any sentences without looking at my notes but at least I know I can read. If only I had the time to review after work, I could have been able to speak a little bit. 

Thankfully, the school let's their graduates sit in the review classes for free! I'm actually contemplating whether I should get the TOPIK exam in the future. Our teacher informed us that there were 2 types of exams that we could take, one employment (EPS TOPIK) and one for personal use/certification (I think =_=). I need to review though... Actually, I want to review, even on my own or when I have time I'll check the class schedule. :)

I did bond with my classmates a bit, which is another reason why I enjoyed the classes and felt a little sad during the graduation. Then at the end of the class our teacher actually gave us a deep bow while saying:


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