[Personal] I had fun!

I know I was MIA for the past few weeks. I initially planned to keep my Christmas project secret until I give out my usual DIY gifts... unfortunately my Christmas Art Attack was big failure. =_= I tried making an army of Minions but it was too tedious to make...

I'm ending the year with this post, I hope I don't go full "emo" though hahaha because I went through several "goodbye's" this December... *sniffs*

Swim Class:

My Swim classes ended on the first week of December... My swim classes was one of the activities that kept me busy this year. It was one of the most fulfilling classes I enrolled in and I know that I didn't just halfheartedly attended my classes. I looked forward to every single session of the swim class and challenged myself to learn. It really felt good that I was able to achieve the goal I set for myself. I also loved that my coach was absolutely sure that I won't sink at the deepest part of the pool even if I tried, true enough, I couldn't reach the floor no matter how I tried. :)

I wish my office had a "Swim Club" that I could join. I want to swim!!

Aside from the actual swim classes, I also looked forward to another thing when I was on my way to the pool... >: ) The FOOD~!!! Century Tsukiji is love~! When my friends and I have some moolah to splurge we eat here ^__^

This was my reward for jumping into the deepest part of the pool.

The aftermath of swimming.
This is a 250 to 300 peso meal.. I forgot the exact price >_<

Time to say goodbye to swim class :(
 Goodbye One Ecom...

Despite being so far from home (approx. 12 km, a 45 min to 1 hour drive Manila Traffic), it's my favorite place so far. It is one of the most convenient office locations I've had since I started working.

Last day clutter ^__^
Having a whole mall as a cafeteria was the best perk we had, not to mention that it's the biggest mall in the Philippines (no wonder I gained so much weight =_=). It really feels so sad that we had to leave.

It hadn't really sunk in that I won't be able to return to the office when we were fixing our clearance, until yesterday when I had to go back to MOA to have some shirts exchanged... If it weren't for my migraine, I would have walked around for a few more minutes...

Talk about being "emo" Hahaha! I must cut this post "short" to avoid being too emotional about 2013... I made a lot of good memories this year, and I hope 2014 would be the same :)


  1. hello. i would like to ask where exactly did you buy your smart puppies paper clay. did you get it in national bookstore?

  2. Yup! I bought the paper clay from National Bookstore, either in Shang or at MOA :)