[Personal] Here Fishy Fishy Fishy~!

Seriously...I only have myself to blame for being this tired at work... I just finished working and it's effin' 1 AM. Why do I even try? Geez...

Well, I did step out for 3 hours for my swim class. If it weren't for my swim class, I would be feeling really bad... =_= Despite working until 1 AM, I think I was quite productive at work and during swim class. :)

I feel really happy about what the coach made me do, even though I was practically a zombie fish. 10 flutter kick laps, 10 freestyle laps, 10 whip kick laps and 10 Breast stroke laps... If this was a different sport, I would've died during the flutter kick laps. @_@ Being able to survive all those makes me curious if I could do something else or if my stamina increased in someway.

I can't wait for the next session! The coach and I are having a one on one session and he told me we would dedicate the whole session to learning how to thread and I think he wanted me to learn how to dive... =_= I'm not quite excited about the diving part though. =_=

Three more sessions and I'm done with the classes, I don't want the classes to end! More swimming please~!

And Oh, can I just say... The coach has probably the most gorgeous nose I've ever seen... =_= sana ilong ka na lang.

Here fishy fishy fishy~!

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