[Personal] First Impressions and Unexpected Assurance

Out of all the book reports I did for school, Jane Austin's Pride and Prejudice, was the only one I loved and enjoyed... Well, that and Og Mandino's The Gift of Acabar, which was my brother's book report =_= Side note: I just realized that I snatched books from my brother when we were young.. I even stole a book for his report. >_<

I chose the novel for my book report because of the title, "Pride" and "Prejudice" Since I studied in an exclusive school for girls and that school was plagued with "Prejudice" I thought the book would be perfect. I seem to have acquired that judgmental trait... I stayed away from a certain someone because I thought this person was bad news. I was wrong...
We had a conversation about what our first impressions were for each other...  and my goodness, it was hilarious! J thought I was a shallow/superficial tramp and I thought J was a snotty *****. The first thing I thought when I heard about J's first impression of me was, "My efforts worked"... but maybe a little too much. I did start this blog to improve myself and learn how to love my self more and I raised my efforts a bit more after a certain emotionally abusive relationship. So J's impression was slightly true.. maybe 65% true Hahaha! Being superficial keeps me from over thinking! So it's kinda therapeutic! HAHAHAHA~!

My impression towards J was also slightly true but only to those who deserve some b**** slapping. HAHAHA! It's actually the total opposite for J's friends... thankfully, I'm one of them!

This year, as soon as summer ended, I felt like everything went down hill. Fortunately, I realized that there are people who really care. These people, no matter how moody I am, would still stick with me, no explanations needed. ^___^

I am moody, and I am aware of it. It's one of the reasons why I am an introvert, some people can't handle it. Speaking of "Handling" my moodiness, my college friends would be experts when it comes to handling my mood swings. =_= Instead of letting me sulk in one corner, they would pick on me. =_= *sigh*

As for the "Assurance" part of this post, I was cheered up by J. I was having a bad day and J said something unexpected.. It really made me happy. ^__^

J, if you're reading this, thanks for yesterday! I can't even explain how much it really cheered me up.
Ms. A
Landi moments...

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