Monday Artwork: The Way to Play

This is how I play... *rolls around the bed*

After 3 years, I'm back in the gaming world... A couple of months ago, I impulsively bought a red Nintendo 3DS and discovered "Swapnote" (Swapnote is a messaging app where you can draw or write notes to your 3DS friends)

=_= Despite buying all those Pony Brown Stickers to copy and practice my sketching on pen and paper, I found the stickers more useful in spamming my friends with random doodles on swapnote. >_< GWAHAHAHA!

It took me a while until I finally picked up my copic markers and my sketch pad... And I was surprised that I found it really easy to doodle on pen and paper. >_< I can't wait until I try drawing on my tablet again!!

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