[Random] Traumatized by Christmas Lights

Driving around during the "Ber" months/Christmas Season with a migraine is the worst possible combo you can do. =_= All those Christmas lights (and Christmas Traffic) will be the death of me. Auras and all, I felt like I was driving home while looking through a poorly made DIY Bokeh lens... =_=

Bokeh (Image Credit), My head's starting to hurt again =_=
Not to mention those inconsiderate drivers putting on their headlights on high and using their fog lights as well... =_= I wanna smash those headlights to bits!!! *ROAD RAGE ACTIVATED*!! ....Road Rage Disarmed! Migraine and Road Rage cannot coexist. =_=

"As much caffeine as a cup of coffee"
I've taken 2 tablets of my beloved miracle migraine cure... Unfortunately, I can't sleep because of it. I was hoping I didn't need to take my meds anymore but for some reason my head was hurting so much and the Christmas Lights were so damn pretty I wanna.... =_= never mind...

Anyway, 3 hours after taking Excedrin, I feel much better, a little bored though. I'm still a little sensitive to light right now and yet I am posting on my blog... I wanted to play a little Minecraft but my migraine might relapse if I keep on looking at the computer screen so I'm limiting myself to my blog.

Self pity emo-ness kicking in~ Can't play, can't watch my cheesy Korean dramas, can't stay online for too long, can't do my DIY stuff because I'm too sensitive to light... Can't listen to music because I'm sensitive to sound, can't drown my pains in food because I might just throw it all up.. Can't sleep because of my meds... *sighs* I'm so bored...

End of self-pity... Cue music... Ba-ba-bamp-ba ba-ba-ba-bamp-ba I wanna be sedated~

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