[Random] Fangirl Level 40

Must... prepare... mini... shrine... *wipes drool off face*

"Muwahahahaha.... MUWAHAHAHAHA!"
I have never been so attached to bunch of pixels in my whole life~! Until I started playing Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan on my 3DS...

I love Otome games/girly visual novels but the Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan game is different from all the other visual novels I've played.

It's a period game about the Shinsengumi. Aside from the romance and the twilight-ish aspect of the game, the story line closely followed the history of the Shinsengumi. I found it a little eerie since I felt like I really lived in the era (vicariously). =_= It was different from the "vicarious experience" when I read books. Maybe I got too attached...

After playing Saito's path, I found myself lemming for his figure/nendoroid I could put in a mini shrine dedicated to...*ahem* I did a Google search and saw a few real life pictures of the characters in the game. I ended up reading most of the wiki pages of the characters... even the NPC's =_=

I'm planning to play all the other routes but I'm still not sure who to start next though. Some one in the forums suggested that I start with my least favorite, which is a really good idea so I might start with Heisuke, Kazama, Okita, Harada then Hijikata... and probably Saito again~! >: ) Or Kazama before Heisuke? >: ) What to do~

Anyway, ending this post with a few pictures from the game.

Sena would have been perfect for this but Kirino is still happy~!

Hijikata is my second favorite character. :)

I should have bought Melona for her Kissy face plate!
Must buy Melona soon... ( ¯ 3¯)~*  Saito~!

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