New Tablet!

I can finally retire my 10 year old graphics tablet~! My Genius MousePen i608x finally worked! I bought it last April and contemplated on how to dispose of it since I couldn't install it on my laptop... I was so disappointed about buying a glorified mouse that I really wanted to just throw it away out of frustration. =_=

Fortunately, it decided to work like a normal graphics tablet! I only had to install some of the optional updates my OS recommended. >_< Finally!

I still need to get used to the pressure sensitivity of my new tablet. As you can see in my quick doodle, I'm having a hard time... Hahaha I'm back to 0 with my inking... I still need to find the settings I am comfortable using... I'm so excited!

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  1. I know it is a bit late, but congratulations on the tablet! I know how it feels to have a new gadget. It is like receiving an early Christmas gift! Anyway, how was it? Are happy with your purchase? - Betty