Doodles on Photos

I really like seeing doodles on photos, I dunno what it's called specifically but it's something similar to scrap booking only digital... It's hard to explain but I usually see it in Japanese, Chinese or Korean blogs and sometimes in Korean series (Flower Boy Next Door) and Movies like The Art of Seduction.

Some screenshots of the series Flower Boy Next Door

Most of the Credits in the series look like this >_<

It's really cute!
 A screenshot of Son Ye Jin in The Art of Seduction
Not exactly what I like but it's still cute..
I really like how the white doodles look on pictures for some reason, even if I can't read whatever text is on the screenshots, I still find it cute.

It's actually how I wanted my watermark on my photos to look like but I am unable to get the effect I want...

My lame attempt

Unlike the screenshots, I feel like something is still missing... 
Well at least I have another thing to work on...

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