Trauma: Joe's Appartment

Last week, Thursday evening, around 9 PM, I noticed that there were weird scratchy sounds coming from my windows. Something was crawling on my screen... I thought it was a rat and I didn't mind it because rats can be easily caught using fly paper and a drop of honey as bait... :(

Unfortunately (*sob*), it was not a rat.. it was actually a swarm of cockroaches! HUHUHUHU!!! I'm not really afraid of cockroaches (well, after this I AM!), I'm just disgusted by them. The swarm was coming from a hole in my window.. T_T

My dad forgot to move his compost whatever for his plants at the back of our house.. and that attracted the cockroaches to our back yard then to my grandmother's room and my room. My dad was in Saigon and there was no reliable person at home... >: (

I was so helpless against a swarm of flying ipis (cockroaches). I just cried until my boyfriend came to my rescue...

(Tagged this with the "Evil Step Mother" label because the swarm was probably looking for her).

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