Summer Fruits and some tutorials

I'm thinking of creating a summer fruit collection for my crafts hihi. Although, I am not sure what summer fruits are here in the Philippines. I only know Mangoes, Water Melons, and Melons.

So far I've made watermelons.. but I think mangoes and melons wouldn't be cute as charms.. maybe on a Tart...

Since I just started doing the clay thing, I'll be trying out more tutorials over the web. As much as I want to deviate from what other clay artists do, I still have much to learn.

I saw a sunflower and a Lily tutorial at http://thebutterflypeople.blogspot.com. I hope I can learn it~

Lily of the Valley
+ This would look so pretty on a dangling earring

+ I don't know what I'd do with this but it looks nice hahaha!

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