RANT: Uneducated pinoy gamers. BOOO

I cannot believe I play online games with these uneducated Filipinos with out breeding.. Yes, I am focused only on Filipinos (though I am a Filipina), since I have only been rudely treated by my fellow pinoy gamers. Only from these uneducated people I've had my dead mother insulted... I have never gotten cussed at and insulted by people from other races.. only from pinoys... I am very embarrassed by them.

Though I have only played 2 online games in my life I think it is enough to notice the difference in breeding.

Lineage 2: SEA
Rivals or Allies... both have the same fault when it comes to trash talking.. most of them focus only the appearance of their enemy as if it is the most important thing in the world. During Mass PVPs... there is a rain of foul words and more cussing...

Do they actually think they're cool because they know a few cus words?

Lineage 2: Private server
The Filipinos from aria actually drove out the other people (mostly from London, Greece or Italy) from playing the private server... most of their mouths were so foul that it's so disgusting. I even had to report a person because he was sexually abusive. Two of the GMs (Game Master) were quick to react. It was Pinoy vs Pinoy at that server... foul mouth vs foul mouth.

Aion: Infinite Aion.
I created an Alt in Aion and at level 1, just seconds after I clicked the "Create Character" button I got cussed at because I refused a duel. Being me, the feisty on,e I answered back "If you can't deal with rejection, go else where" after a few relays of 'yo momma' cussing, he said "Your a wasting my time" I held back with the grammar 101 trash talking and said "Then leave... go on... leave" he started to talk in his dialect which I understood, I started talking fluently as possible in English.. apparently he was intimidated and apologized. I said ok and brushed him off as soon as I can. I will never associate myself with an uneducated person as him.

Another uneducated person would be a friend of mine and my boyfriend's I just started playing and I had a simple question, I asked from my clanmates and some of them jokingly answered but there was one person who had to make me look so stupid because I asked a simple question. No wonder you're unemployed...

Will they ever learn? With that attitude, would they ever succeed in life?

Lastly, now that the game publisher of Lineage 2:SEA shut down there are a few people worth mentioning here (will post verbatim):


AMDG&iAMScAMMEr  January 4th, 2010 @1:39 pm  
Imagine how scam bug they are, they put a link to top up game time load even the company are already shutting down!! hey AMDG/iAMinteractive shame on you, mo***RF**CKERs!!thousands of l2sea players wanna kill you!! you insult us, you betray us!!! leaving us clueless and voiceless!!! (they closed all forum thread to avoid flamed)… you guys out there BEWARE!!!! Don’t for get this name AMDG/iAMInteractive…if ever in the near future will again hosting some MMO’s game boycott them!!!..
AMDG/iAM interactive has no reputation, shame on you after what you did from as players of L2 and Exteel from MY,SG and PH your company is a total failure, you have no face to show off from us!AMDG (A-Mess-Do-Group) former Asian Media Development Group!!!we regret so much why Ncsoft give rights to this incompetent, scammed company (iAM/AMDG) to host this triple A mmo’s L2 & exteel.
It's Scumbag... just saying

BlueZ January 4th, 2010 @7:34 pm  
Can we sue iAM/AMDG to make it even bankrupted?
Why would anyone wish this on someone?

 InSpades January 20th, 2010 @11:03 am  
This is what happens when a distributor of video games think they know and can handle the nuances and requirements of running an online game, much more a tripa A game at that. They move too slow, react too slow to player demands. They hearplayers but don’t listen. Management is incompetent and don’t really give two shits about the game or the customer.
Also when they lie about their research just so they can close a deal with NCSOFT.
AMDG – Assholes and Morons Development Group. Good Riddance!
You deserve every bit of your bankruptcy/termination.
The players of L2 and the rest deserved much better than this. And you FAILED them.
 I agree in most points except about them deserving bankruptcy

sluvz101 January 23rd, 2010 @8:20 pm  
what the fuck I am-interactive bullshit an idiot company can`t handle a games… die all you suckers exteel and lineageII will kill you….

Here's an example of what I said about thinking that cussing is cool.. on to the next website


lou on December 31, 2009
please guys edit the description of this scam bugs!
*snickers* scam

anonymous on January 2, 2010F*ck you AMDG.. go to hell and try to sleep well at ngiht thinking hundreds of L2 SEA player wanna kill you.WE feel Betrayed, Insulted by those M*THRF*CKERS!!!!! immediately leaving us voiceless & Clueless about it!
I believe they'd be thinking about their life rather than the lives of pixels..
sluvz101 on January 23, 2010what the fuck! all staff in iam-interactive/admg an idiot company can`t handle kind of online games….I’m sure exteel and lineageII players will kill you motherfucker……

Oh.. look who's here.. copy paste and a little more.

xMayzx101 on January 23, 2010
iam-interactive/admg kind a bullshit…we spend a lot in this kind a game(exteel) in then i one blink of an eye the game is wipe out …shame on you Iam/ADMG exteel players will kill you….

What part of "Killing" someone or some people is cool?

sluvz101 on January 23, 2010what the fuck… iam/Admg corrupt and scammers.. they ddnt value the time and money spend by the players… a lot and a lot of effort and money…shame on you Iam/ADmg…die you motherfucker …. I`m becoming loving playing exteel but you fail to handle it….
 And... again.. with "better" grammar

Sorry for the long post... I just have a lot of time on my hands. Anyway, I posted similar things on those blogs

"We lost a game… they lost their work."
I will not wish for anyone to lose their work or to die or even to be broke. I wouldn't want those things to happen to me. But I do understand most of their sentiments.

[end of rant]

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