Attempt 1: Polymer Clay Canes

Polymer Clay canes are what pulled me into having the polymer clay charm hobby. The first few weeks of crafting, I was afraid of wasting my clay if I make a mistake making the canes, but this week I was brave enough to try because I needed more brown clay HAHAHAHA!

Thankfully, I was blessed by being a fast learner, whether it's programming or crafting, as long as I have the right tools, I can learn it. Hihihi~

Watermelon Cane Attempt: Success!

Step 1: Materials~
Clay Scraps from failed charms hahaha!
1. Red
2. Green
3. Dark Green
4. White
5. Black (for the seeds)

Step 2: Layer Layer Layer, wrap wrap wrap~

Here I layered the colors.
Layer 1 (Innermost layer): A think red snake
Layer 2: Seeds.. I made several thin black snakes and stuck them to the thick red snake to make stripes.
Layer 3: A Red sheet of clay.
Layer 4: a very thin sheet of white clay
Layer 5 (outer most): A sheet of marbled light green and dark green clay.

Step 3: Trim edges

Instead of trimming a small piece.. >_< I trimmed off a really big chunk by mistake.


Damage control: I just pulled the green clay to cover up the red layers so it would look like a whole watermelon... see that green ball beside the marker? hahaha

Step 4: Chop Chop


Not so finished product~ I read in some tutorials that they bake the canes before they slice it.

So I tried creating a strawberry cane and baked it:


Yay! It's easier to slice a piece when it's baked!

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