Goodbye Lineage 2

Warning, This will be a lengthy post...

A few days before Christmas, my fellow gamers and I received bad news:


iAM-interactive Due to the termination of our contract with NCsoft, IAM INTERACTIVE is shutting down its game services within thirty days. Thus, all Lineage II and Exteel players are advised to use ALL their remaining iCOINs immediately.
We thank you for your unwavering support. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. You may direct all your concerns to our Customer Support and we will try our best to address them. Thank you.

It was depressing, I have been playing the game since August 2007, during the open beta test days. I've met a lot of people. Good people and Nasty people... and I met my boyfriend at an event for Lineage 2. I've been through a lot in the game.

The game is for hardcore gamers and is very difficult, especially for the type of character I picked


My character is called a "Shillien Saint" a healer/buffer.

Buff is a term used in many MMORPGs to describe an effect (usually cast as a spell) that temporarily enhances a player. (Increase Speed, Increase Attack or Magic Attack).

Although I'm a healer and a buffer, my character dies easily and I'm also the first target during wars or sieges between other players. The game is made revolving around "balance" so no one has an advantage over another. However, since my character is rare in game and people think I have the highest level among other shillien saints, they say my character is "IMBA" or imbalanced. Hahaha! They probably say that I'm "Imba" because of my weapon and my level. My boyfriend's character is also "Imba" hahaha, I'd probably say that he's one of the top players in the game. His weapon is one of a kind. The game has three servers, Aria, Blackbird and Cadmus. We play in Blackbird. I think he is the only player who has that kind of weapon in all three servers.

He's also a hero. A hero is a champion for the a type of character in the whole server, one player per type of character can be a hero by playing in a monthly tournament. I also became a hero for a couple of months but my boyfriend has always been the hero for his class.


I will miss my characters more than the game. Enma (in game name), became some sort of alter ego for me. My second self. I'm not sure if it's the same for other gamers, since Lineage 2 is the first MMORPG I've played and will probably be the last.

I had so much fun. I will miss all my characters (Tweet, Satomi, Yuzuki, Enma).

Tweety (TweetumsPaRin)

Hell Bound Party

Familiy Picture.

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