2010 Planner hunt!

I got this list from 10 Power Planners for 2010:

  1. Starbucks Planner (17 starbucks stickers)
  2. Moleskin Planner (P1,300)
  3. Belle de Jour Planner (P 598)
  4. Cosmopolitan Date Book (P250)
  5. This Journal will actually change someone's life!!! (P720)
  6. Got Heart Planner (P500)
  7. Powerbooks readers journal (P598)
  8. Yummy 2010 planner (P250)
  9. Luxe Monologue planner (P499)
  10. Van Gogh Planner (P399)
I like cute planners but the Belle de Jour Planner didn't appeal to me. I bought "This Journal will actually change someone's life" because of the love list and hate list for every quarter. Hahaha

There are more cute planners at Girls Obsessions' Live journal but pre-order time's over. Hahaha there's even a Twilight Planner. I love how the Koreans draw in their journals.

Oh! the "Follow your bliss" planner looks so pretty!!! Can still order until Dec 22 at Jennibick.com

~__~ I want the Twilight Planner...

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