Random: First Hair Cut of 2013

Warning: This is an absolutely random post~! Erm.. most of my posts are random anyway =_= khhh..

Before the new year, I decided to keep my hair long. Unfortunately, my hair started to have a life of it's own so it was about time to get a hair cut and as usual, I went to my favorite salon, Tony and Jackey (Makati). I was quite disappointed that my favorite hair stylist, Candy, went back to Korea. First it was Hani and now Candy?!... huhuhu! All my favorite stylists left me! T_T I hope Rey wont leave... EVER~! I love how he rebonds my hair... Waaa don't leave!!

Eye Candy! 
The place was super busy when I came in, and I wasn't able to request for Rey, so a different stylist took care of me, Patrick. I hate to admit this but... he's cute (wahahaha). He has a gorgeous girlfriend BUT who cares, I'm only looking~! BWAHAHAHA! It seems like I have a thing for geeky/nerdy awkward types (no more bad boys! Yay!). 

I obviously enjoyed my trip to the salon since my hair cut and color came with added "kilig" (Now, how to translate that @_@, *added bonus* bah! ). He recognized me as Candy and Rey's client for hair cuts and rebonding.. or because he caught me looking at him whenever I was there. At first, I was able to talk to him like a normal person, but I got awkward when I was showing him how short I wanted my hair to be and he put his hand under my mine to where I was pointing =_= 

OK FINE! I got flustered! ...I FROZE! Ok? khhh!

He probably has adapted well to the Philippines and forgot about the big deal about skinship in Korea =__= After that incident I couldn't look at him~! What on earth happened to me?! Awkward like a little girl O_o. After the hair cut, the stylists would usually usher their clients out and say goodbye... I was so awkward I couldn't look at him in the eye... I escaped! After giving him the tip, I immediately turned my back and headed towards the girls who helped him and gave the tip... He still waited for me until I actually left, he handed me his card and I saw him moving to shake my hand but.. I dodged and awkwardly waved goodbye.. (The escapist, part 2)

Stupid awkward girl.. >: |

Now for my hair, I wanted a reddish brown color... but because I dyed my hair black last May, the stylist suggested a reddish purple color, I gave him the go and he asked me if I wanted a  "gradation" Wait a minute! He was kneeling beside me when he asked me NO WONDER I SAID YES! Well, he suggested that I have the ombre hair but in the reddish purple on top and a darker purple at the bottom, it didn't sound so hideous so I agreed.

Here's a close-up of my bangs under my desk lamp, do you like the color?
Patrick's reaction when he saw my hair color after he made his assistants blow dry my hair was so cute! He looked like a kid who just opened a present or invented something great, seriously! He was so excited about it, that I felt that he experimented on my hair and it actually turned out nice. Not that I hate my hair color, I love it but I'm a little worried on how it would look after a few baths. We'll see...

I didn't want to waste my curly hair so I'm posting some pictures...

Update! Here's a better picture of my hair under natural light~!

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