One of Those Days...

I'm having another artist block phase right now. I can think of so many things to do to cure me of my boredom but I can't seem to lift a finger and try anything out. I'm not going through anything dark and depressing though, I'm actually happy at work and with my friends. I feel absolutely positive, Considering my oh-so-dark attitude in life.

However, I think I ran out of my creative juices to try anything. I always bring out my art materials or my nail polish but I can't seem to do anything or even start. I can't say that I lost interest in my hobbies since I always think about what nail art design I should do or what digital art project I should try or what I polymer clay charms I could make to give to my friends. I've also been searching for kemper cutters for my polymer clay hobby...

I wonder what this could be... laziness? But I bought a 10 session coupon for swimming lessons and I have 9 more sessions for my tennis training. Most of my friends and my family think I am the most sedentary and catatonic person alive and yet I willingly enrolled in these physical activities.... Oh my goodness.. what have I gotten myself into?! Hahahaha... but honestly, I absolutely enjoyed my first Tennis session and I can't wait for the next! My whole body aches from it but it almost feels like a battle scar of some sort. Something to brag about, "I played tennis again after 11 years!" Hahaha!

Geez... Maybe I just have so many things to do that I am overwhelmed... I'll try to wait for a few more days to pass. Or maybe I should ask my dad? Lol.

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