Shopping like crazy: Majolica and Shiseido Haul

For the past few weeks I've been shopping/spending like crazy.. I guess I just have too much free time (and freedom)... I feel like I deprived myself for 3 years and I've been releasing all the things I let go... opportunity costs...

I went to an outlet sale today! The one posted by many bloggers, apparently they didn't really advertise for certain reasons that I have no liberty of saying on my blog. I spent a little below 2500 php for 11 items from Shiseido and Majolica Majorca/ Oh wait, they're the same company, HAHAHA... *cough cough* Lemming *cough cough*

The lipglosses aren't mine, I'll probably give them to my darling nieces.

The stocks were old stocks but goodness I bought most of then for just a fraction of the original price. I was able to buy a Shiseido Foundation (15 ML) for just 200 php and MMJ's Rough Majex for only 195 php.

The Shiseido Foundation is such a steal for 200 php... When I opened up the 15ml bottle the foundation is super viscous... erm thick... I haven't read any reviews about it but I'm still excited about it, I hope it doesn't disappoint me.

My shiseido lipstick doesn't have a cover =_= but what the heck it was only 250 bucks. I bought BR323, it's exactly the same color as my lips.. (Yes, I have dark lips). It's a "glowing" matte lipstick, according to the packaging.

Uh oh... I realized something about the Shiseido products I just bought... They samples! The foundations have "Sample not for sale" behind the stickers... and the lipstick i just bought has a "Tester - Demonstration" label on them..

Oh well, they're cheap. HAHAHA

I was so happy shopping but I was trying oh so hard not to spaz-out~! At the moment, I'm still trying hard not to try open up and try all the product I bought.

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