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I would've been hyper today I wasn't nursing a 6 day migraine... Anyway my brain's super active on my way to work...

Artsy Fartsy:
I started my day by putting some acrylic primer on my minis. Using polymer clay is easier than working with air dry clay... I really suck at painting and mixing colors. I just hate baking my polymer clay and it's expensive! I'll try to prime my butterfly wings before painting them. I tried using India ink on air dry clay and the ink seeped through the wings. I hope the primer I bought would help.

Speaking of prices, build city at Shang has polymer clay.

It so funny that I was mistaken (TWICE) for a "teenager" or "student" last week. GWAHAHAHA~! First, was the cab driver when I was on my way to go jogging with a friend. Second, was the ophthalmologist I went to last Saturday. Both were lecturing me about doing stuff teenagers shouldn't do.. like ride a cab alone at night, or being experimental with colored contacts from Korea. Hahaha! They were both surprised when I told them my age. The doctor was really nice, I didn't really have a consultation but he gave me tips about my contacts since he thought I was a teenager who didn't know what she was doing. Hahahaha

I bought a car... I can't drive it yet but I'm practicing. My dad wanted to buy me a car a long ago (like 2007), several disappointments later I finally agreed.

I named the car Piolo since when I asked my dad and some guy friends they would say "it's a girl" and when I asked my sister and my college friend, they said "It's a boy." I guess Filipinos would immediately understand why I named my car Piolo. Piolo is a TV personality here in the Philippines who's sexual preference is quite a controversy.

I love how my sister thinks... She's the most practical person I know. She chose the blackest black tint for my car because she didn't want anyone to see that a girl was driving the car...

Eye Candy:
I'll end my post with my current super crush:

Fangirl mode: ON!
Hwang Chansung is so Pretty~


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