QA mode: Nendoroid Snow Miku

I was finally able to get my camera back and I decided to take more pictures of both my nendoroids... I apologize for the repetitive posts but I'm really happy about my new collection.

I was finally able to justify why I bought my first nendoroid~ hahaha (Use her for practicing my photography).

Being the test engineer that I am, I ended up taking pictures of the details of most of the pieces.

The other faces:

I love the details of the eyes :)

I only noticed that her eyebrows are blue hahaha!

Snow flakes everywhere

I like the little tattoo

little details on the tie...

=_= There's blue paint on the top center of this piece... and the left side is un even

There's uneven paint on her colar too...

I can't say I'm not bothered about what I saw... but since I kinda know how difficult it is to make miniatures detailed... *sigh* but I still can't help it...

I need to be more careful in the next purchases I make...

Oh... by the way, my boyfriend kind of imposed a 3 month shopping ban... That means I won't be able to buy anything soon...

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