2011 Goal: I want to start a collection

It's a bit late for my new year's resolutions but I still have the same ones from last year... I still set small goals for myself but this year I want to reward myself for actually accomplishing more than half of the New Year's resolutions I had for 2010.

+ Be assertive <- Lately, I'm surprised on how I handle issues and people. I just noticed how I changed...
+ Keep my room clean<- This is a work in progress but I have been cleaning up more than I used to :)
+ Skin care <- Major improvement on my skin care habit~ I'm addicted to facial masks and I use moisturizers.
+ Spend Less <-- EPIC FAIL!!! Don't ask!
+ Eat Healthy <-- Haven't been sick for a while just the usual migraines.. but my health improved.

Since my work is getting challenging each day... I'm trying to keep myself motivated... So I created a wish list for 2011. Most items are pricey but I'll still try to control my spending so I can stay with my "Spend less" goal. I still need a "strategy" so I can do this but here's the list of what I want:

1. Clay supplies (so I can earn money for my collection)
  - Oyumaru
  - Sukerukun Clay

2. Nendoroid Collection (Inspiration and models for my miniatures)


  (err there's more that I really like but I won't post it for now)

3. Foldable Bike


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