New Discovery!

Ever since I came across this website: http://www.mysmallobsession.com, I got obsessed looking for things that I can make into molds for my clay hobby~ 

I still want to buy the reusable resin mold from Japan but I have to make do without buying things online. Once I'm able to pay off my credit card bill for this year, my boyfriend told me I can go crazy with my clay stuff ^^

So for now, I bought a bag of Jelly Ace candies! Hihihi I discovered that I can use the cups as a mold for the base of a pie, or a cake! I tried it last night when I was finally able to buy a bag of candies and took a really bad photo of it with my itouch.. cuz I was in a hurry this morning~!

I promise to upload a better picture
I'll take better pictures once I start making pies!


Sulking... (Work Related Rant)

I'm not proud of it.. but I admit that I am!

There were 2 emails that got me very irritable this morning. First email I saw was an issue raised by a client... of course, I made a mistake that I didn't follow one document word per word but goodness... The issue is answered by another document that was approved and discussed so many times... they approved it! My mistake to think that the document THEY approved was good... GEEZ.. Make up your minds about the requirements!!!

The second email was about my vacation leaves, which was also approved last week.. BUT this morning... they took it all back... or at least 3 days out of 5 days...

It's frustrating... I got all excited about those 3 days and I was planning something with my boyfriend.. but everything went down the drain...

As if I can do something about any issues that would be raised...

At the moment.. I'm just trying to control my mood...


1 year of blogging~! 2009 New Year Resolution Fulfilled~

I can't believe it! It's been a year already?! ^__^ Happy Birthday blog!!!!~ Weeeeee~! >__<


I wish I was creative

I haven't been making any polymer clay stuff for a while, I was really frustrated that the materials I want are either too expensive or not locally available... I'm still frustrated and I still want those mini cookie cutters, flexible molds, and resin, but right now I still have to save up for it and cut my expenses... T_T

Anyway, I came across this a really great blog that was like a breath of fresh air to me.


=_= She's so creative... Turning "trash" to miniatures...


Quick Post: Dressing up~

I love dresses but I'm too shy to wear dresses... I don't like the stares I get... I really don't like the attention. Anyway, last Saturday I went to my office's Christmas party. The theme was a "Beach Party/Luau" in December Despite how out of place the theme was I wore a dress, with the encouragement of a relative and my beloved boyfriend.

I was glad I decided to wear my long pink summer dress. No one really stared and I didn't really stand out too much.

I'm thinking of dressing up more ^_^