New Discovery!

Ever since I came across this website: http://www.mysmallobsession.com, I got obsessed looking for things that I can make into molds for my clay hobby~ 

I still want to buy the reusable resin mold from Japan but I have to make do without buying things online. Once I'm able to pay off my credit card bill for this year, my boyfriend told me I can go crazy with my clay stuff ^^

So for now, I bought a bag of Jelly Ace candies! Hihihi I discovered that I can use the cups as a mold for the base of a pie, or a cake! I tried it last night when I was finally able to buy a bag of candies and took a really bad photo of it with my itouch.. cuz I was in a hurry this morning~!

I promise to upload a better picture
I'll take better pictures once I start making pies!

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