Step mother at her finest... What a day...

Started this day with a fight.. a fight that made the working in the office less hostile...

Anyway, I never liked my stepmother. I never got a long with her and I actually despise her. No one in the family, my cousins, my brother, sister, grandmother and even my father can stand her. I think only my Aunt can stand her since my aunt is just using her to do stuff but all in all we just pretend she doesn't exist. Even my father's friends and officemates dislike her.

Quote from my cousin's wife: "It's so easy to hate her"

Here's one (of many things) that make people hate her

She bragged that she was the reason my mother had a heart attack. (found out about this from a relative).

The fight started because I got tired of waiting for the driver and she tried to stop me from taking a cab. I was looking for my coin purse in my bag while she was talking. Then she shouted:

"Look at me when I'm talking"

Every time she talks to me I already get irritable.. and she was shouting. So I gave her the finger. Of course, cuss words galore from her and from myself.

I tried to walk away but she followed. More cussing..

I said why would I look at someone I never respected in my life and I never looked at her when she talks to me. It's so stupid that she's not used to it already. After 20+ years...

so stupid.

She got so frustrated and tried to kick me but she missed. I fought back and planted her face on the door. (For some weird reason, I don't feel sorry for this).

I called my dad while she was screaming at me and ask my dad to deal with her. She kept on telling me:

"Tell him to call me!"

I didn't do it... but my dad called her and looked like he didn't listen.

I left while they were talking.

Someone at home sent me a message that she was crying. So stupid, she picks a fight with someone and yet she ends up crying.

I told the people at home to be careful today because she's erratic. And they replied:

"Ang galing nyo nga po eh, Hehehe. kse sya ung galit na galit eh. Samantalang kalmado ka lang po. Iniiral kse nya init ng ulo nya, kase nung kinakausap nia kanina papa mo, nag mamadali si kuya kanina kse mukhang ayaw kausapin ng papa mo si ate. Ayos ginawa mo te. Buti nga sa kanya"

Rough translation:
You're really good, since she was so infuriated while you were just calm. She let her anger get to her. A while ago when she was trying to talk to your dad, your dad was in a hurry to go to work because he seemed like he didn't want to talk to her. You did good. Servers her right."

That text made my day slightly better for the rest of the day until she texted me 9 hours after (translating and editing as I type..):

"You were in grade 3, I was Unicef consultant getting 36k/mo; as BCDA consultant getting 25k reporting 2 to 3 days/wk; with the Gokongweis' I was getting 55k/mo, reporting 2 days a week; with OWWA, 25k 2 days/week; when I conduct trainings 10k to 15k a day; passtime ko lang veritas and welcome which I gave na. And you said 'At least I have work and I only breakeven" Helloo- I have lotto and a field in san jose, don't talk arrogantly; Grocery, supplies, salaries, repairs, etc etc comes from the apartments. Don't bring your problems and attitude here at home. Dennis got Steph's house before you, you're gonna have your own. Anyway, I rest my case, will now erase your number in my cell. Please stop the blaming game, you're old enough. You're Making your own life, your happiness or miseries, period"

All that just to say "I'll delete your number now"

By the way, the 'Apartments' are owned by my grandmother and the maids have been telling me that she buys more stuff for herself than for the household. Also, the gas money my dad gives is 1k per car, the past 3 drivers have been telling me they only get 500 per car... so yeah. If she earns that much why the kick back?

Here was my reply:
"Hirit ka pa ng hirit. De-delete mo na nga lang number ko, mag papa-pansin ka pa at puro insignificant satsat. Erase it for all I care. I never saved yours"

Rough translation:
"You keep on talking. You're just deleting my number and yet you still want my attention and keep on saying insignificant comments. Erase it for all I care. I never saved yours"

Why does she keep on trying to prove herself to people who never liked her...

argh after 9 freakin' hours she's still not over..

stupid stupid stepmother...

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