Tokyo Adventure Day 2: Asakusa, Ueno Park and Akihabara

I went to Asakusa, Ueno Park and Akihabara on the second day for my Tokyo adventure. I had planned other sites like Tokyo Tower, Zojoji Temple, Sumida Park, and Hikawa Jinja (the shrine at which Rei Hino/Sailor Mars live and work at) in Akihabara but I miscalculated a few things. I did not expect my feet to turn to jello at Asakusa then tortured even more when we reached Ueno Park... Good walking shoes is a must! Even though most sites are practically beside each other in Google maps... =_= It was hot and some streets were quite steep... =__=

Anyway here are some photos I managed to get:

Kaminarimon - Thunder Gate

I just realized I scrapped all my Nakamise dori photos... It was so crowded I couldn't get a proper photo without a neck/forhead in focus.

Was forced to pose for this picture

5 story pagoda built by Taira No Kinmasa

Sensoji Temple

A shrine at a nearby garden

I should have written my wishes on an Ema...

I got an Omikuji that said "Regular Fortune" =_=

I didn't get to explore Ueno park that much because my feet were hurting so bad and I was already tired so I'm putting it back in my to do list in my next Tokyo adventure!

Path inside Ueno Park

This girl waited until I took all the pictures I wanted
I didn't take any pictures in Akihabara because it was a such busy place and I got lost while searching for the Kotobukiya store. The people in Akihabara were not as polite as the people at Shinjuku though but not as bad as the crowd at the Senso-ji temple (since most of them were tourists too). People in the crowded areas in Shinjuku would always give way even though I am on the wrong side of the sidewalk, but at the Senso-ji temple, people didn't care if the bumped into you. In Akihabara, overly excited kids bumped into me inside the Kotobukiya shop, but the people outside were polite.

I did see a few maids (and a ninja) in their costumes/uniforms but not as much as I expected since it was a weekday. I also didn't see those super elaborate costumes you usually see posted online :(

Despite being an 'Otaku,' Akihabara was quite disappointing. Even though I found the Kotobukiya store, I wasn't able to buy what I was looking for. However, I bought a couple items to compensate for my effort.

Oh wait... I forgot to mention that I brought my 3DS with me~! Ohohoho Streetpass heaven in Akihabara~!

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