Nendoroid: Ui is Spazzing Out

I recently discovered that the Sylvanian Families sets were a better match for Nendoroids than Re-ment. I love Re-ment because of their food miniatures but I was always frustrated about the scale of their furnitures.

It never really crossed my mind to use the Sylvanian Family sets I impulsively bought last year until I saw pictures kixkillradio and Nodoka. They have so many gorgeous pictures and kixkillradio shares how she sets up her photos. Her blog is totally worth a visit!

I decided to try it out and I was really happy with the outcome. Unfortunately, I couldn't really go all out and set up an elaborate room since I had little time. Next time, I'll take better shots.

UI is Spazzing out while cooking

Ui is still spazzing out because Kirino stole her food.

Once I'm done with my Korean classes, I'll plan my next photos.

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