Finding My Style: Plain White Shirt

No, this is not a fashion post. :) It's an artsy fartsy one! I finally have an artwork to post~!

It's been three years already since I started drawing digitally! Unfortunately, I haven't improved as much as I wanted. There are so many things I want to do and so little time >_<

However, I feel like I'm starting to develop a style or technique in my art. This was my first goal in learning digital art. I honestly expected to draw more anime inspired drawings instead of digital paintings >_< I find it harder to ink and color anime/manga inspired art than turning a blob of color into a portrait. Aside from the purple background, I only used 2 colors for the artwork; Light Gray and Dark Gray! As for the tools, I used 5, Airbrush, brush, eraser tool, pencil and the blur tool.

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